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About Taly Woodsilk

About Taly Woodsilk

Taly WoodsilkEstablished in the United States in 1995, International Taly Commercial GroupUSA is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and is responsible for salesworldwide.

We provide quality Wood-Silk products using only the finest raw materialsand textile technology available. Our marketing plans call for a wide range ofdiverse Wood-Silk textile products to be sold through major retailers at boththe national and international level.

Our Goal is to have everyone enjoying the many wonderful benefits of TalyWood-Silk.

100% Woodsilk

Taly Wood-Silk is the world's softest and most comfortable textile product.Made of 100% natural wood, Taly Wood-Silk is softer and smoother than textileproducts made of cotton with the attractive sheen and cool feel of silk. Moreover,it has the unique ability to remove tough grease using only water without theuse of harsh detergents or bleach. Destined to revolutionize both the garmentand cleaning supply industries, you'll feel and see the difference with onlyone touch. Taly Wood-Silk - The All-Natural Textile Product.