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U. S. Healthy Life

A healthy and long life is the hottest topic today. Returning to nature and avoiding damaging effect cause by chemicals and other detrimental substances are important measures to remain healthy. At present, there are a variety of natural and health products. Even some of the medicines are extracted from plants. This is a very important indicator which reveals the side effects of environmental pollution and chemical products have certain harmful effects on the health of human. Shouldn't we think about using health products while taking health foods? The purpose of Natural health foods is to improve body constitution and to offset or discharge some of the harmful substances inside the body. If people can avoid not to take in harmful substances, it will be more beneficial to being healthy.

No detergent will be needed when using cleaning towel and dish washing towel made of Natural Wood Silk. Grease can be washed out in clean water and the cleaning towel can be machine wash too. No grease will stay in the towel. Nor would it be necessary for you to worry about the chemical substances staying in your dishes or cause harm to your hands. Since bacteria cannot grow easily on wood fiber, the products have an anti-mould and anti-odor functions and is ideal for kitchen usage.

Natural Wood Silk products have been out on the market for more one year and new products, such as undergarment, shirts and socks, are under develop. They are comfortable, air-permeable and odorless. The newly introduced bath towel looks as fine and beautiful as silk. It's as soft as linen and absorbs twice as much water as cotton fiber. It can absorb water from the skin and hair quickly. It can also be used to remove cosmetics and clean facial oil. Wash it with clean water and used repeatedly. It is especially good for cleaning the mouths and hands of babies's tender skin.

Athletes sweat a lot after intense exercise and their blood capillaries expand. Their skin become more sensitive at this time. Towel made of wood fiber are soft. It doesn't irritate the skin and can absorb perspiration rapidly. Athletes love it doesn't have any odor.

Natural Wood Silk products are popular for the following reasons: They are made from special types of natural wood fibers using special technique. They are not only softer than cotton products, but also have better elasticity and absorbency. They are not irritating, odorless and have no phosphor substances (or any other chemicals). They have very strong grease cleaning abilities and no grease stay on them. They have the natural characteristics of cotton and can be cleaned as easily as rayon. It's natural product that protect the environment.

        April, 1998
        U.S. Healthy Life magazine is published monthly by U.S. Healthy Life Publisher.