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I like your blog the (12/2/2015)
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Anand - LLd7vVzTxvm
Exciting count-down. (11/30/2015)
Exciting count-down. Sure do wish you a fun time.Our Lewis & Clark Marathon last weekend got drwoend out by the storm bands of Hurricane IKE. Chicago should be safe from that!

Ivonne - UNN3rhIMs6t
Flash, do you think (11/30/2015)
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Takahiro - Aw0vDext
You mean the real ca (11/28/2015)
You mean the real cats that live with Cindy and her family? Their names are Molly and Misty and you're not going to beielve this: Flash. That was a pretty stupid choice because everyone gets messed up whether they are talking about ME, Mr. Cool, or the real Flash, Mr. Pansy.

Sasuke - unnj4KdL6
Love how you styled (11/27/2015)
Love how you styled this look, Sydne! I have the same F21 skirt from years ago, I dfneiitely need to bring it out of the closet because I love how it looks here! Xox

Open - 82bFIZYKku
pgEfJsr4 (6/22/2013)
I bought this trmateent during the middle of last month and I noticed my skin did start to clear up, because I've always had acne. Nothing too severe but something I wasn't comfortable with. After the 1st week of using it though my face felt really tight and dried out and I even had some small bumps appear on my cheeks and chin area. So I discontinued use and started using it again a few days ago and with some help of some good Aveeno lotion my skin looks really good

Neev - Gel2HUZ262
cMcTb3ei (6/21/2013)
You could never sleep, eat crap and never wash and just have the best skin ever and you would never get a spot. On the other hand you could exercise, eat hlahtey and cleanse twice a day and still get acne. It is nowhere near this simple to cure. These things help sure, but they will not stop you getting spots. Trust me I'm 24 and I still get the odd spot and I exercise everyday, eat hlahtey balanced meals and get lots of sleep as often as I can. They never fully go, but things do balence out.

Michael - Zaq9MLzBF7O