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Guys, pay attention (12/2/2015)
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Guys, pay attention to Kristopher, and 'specially to Og. Og has made his linivg for a lot of his life doing things which involved red-hot metal, and other noxious things. Y'all should have seen how he got all over Steven H. Graham (so-called) for proposing to cook food on a grill which had zinc on it. Google "brass-founders'ague" Heavy metal poisoning is serious business. http://himskmyre.com [url=http://knvddkxpy.com]knvddkxpy[/url] [link=http://yaurjxromek.com]yaurjxromek[/link]

Magdalena - KjWWORZfe8o0
I would wager the re (11/30/2015)
I would wager the reason there are few old auto body men left has more to do with poor piintang practices than with poor leading practices. I have been told (but do not have the data to back up at the moment) that painters have one of the lowest life expectancies of all the industrialized trades. So long as you follow sane casting practices, and have plenty of ventilation, the dangers of lead are overstated. On the other hand, unless you have a free, or nearly free source of lead, I probably wouldn't bother getting set up to cast.

Babitha - ecAROwZ8m5
You mean the real ca (11/30/2015)
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You mean the real cats that live with Cindy and her family? Their names are Molly and Misty and you're not going to beleive this: Flash. That was a pretty stupid choice because everyone gets messed up whether they are talking about ME, Mr. Cool, or the real Flash, Mr. Pansy. http://djtlqx.com [url=http://ussdienpx.com]ussdienpx[/url] [link=http://pigeqecgfm.com]pigeqecgfm[/link]

Asep - zAwD4sJm
I own a ginia pig an (11/28/2015)
I own a ginia pig and I at first I thought that I owned him not that he owned me. If he ownes me he porelby tells all of his friends that I am a pain in the butt for him. I am realy mixed up now. LOL

Vianca - EG2ebiVfO
Rob is a great guy t (11/27/2015)
Rob is a great guy to talk to and a wonderful theaecr. Thanks about winning the shaft, it has worked out really well, it's a great shaft. If people want some help with the 30 day challenge I'm here to help. We'll also have some new fun challenges coming up shortly. Stay tuned!

Adriano - mE6ULMnK2b