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Daniela: ande1 tempr (12/2/2015)
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Bender - 2TwPfCJe8Q
Annika, don't forget (11/30/2015)
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Annika, don't forget your gssales!!:-)I do the same thing the closer it gets to leaving, the more I freeze up and just continue adding to the list. Then the last minute I panic and get packing. [Joe is much better at it than me!]

Hussam - Z2lH4QLhg6
I wanted to thank yo (11/27/2015)
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Ahmad - rlZoQObzX
Cassandra Scapillati (11/27/2015)
Cassandra Scapillati - Oh my goodness ..these are unbnliadey the sweetest pics ever! Baby Phoenix is truly an angel. My absolute fave has to be the zebra print with the purple hair flower .looking like Aunt Jemima. You did such an amazing job Joanna! ( & Assistant Danuta hahaha) What a dynamic duo you two are! Jordin & Adrian will thrilled! Such a great memory to have these. Keep up the great work ladies!

Gerardo - WWJwsAGniA
im sorry to say this (11/27/2015)
im sorry to say this but your idea that supination hpaepns as a result of turning your hips back to the left is complete tosh. i can create supination at impact properly.i have studied hogan for 35 years and believe me,the onlly thing that turning your hips to the left does is create more leverage and more power which is great if the clubface is square to the swing line, but as many millions of golfers will tell you your method will result in a slice in most cases.sorry no ofence meant. peter(hogan fanatic)

Ameer - CRihYVaLACP2