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I too have seen a cl (12/2/2015)
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I too have seen a client with this type of dgeaamd self-image. Mine was a 84 year old woman with severe lowback pain', difficulty breathing, no appetite. Upon taking a history there were no clear indications for the problem . This woman did not have a difficult life/job. Her most stressful time was playing bridge. She was very short, barely 5 feet tall and only weighed about 80 lbs. She was obsessed with being FAT .When I had her indicate where the pain was prior to treatment .it was purely muscle.As I got her ready for treatment and began to palpate her .I discovered she had a garment on that was very constricting. She was wearing the tighest corset I have ever seen I required her to remove the corset for the treatment and to leave it off all the rest of the day. She felt that the pain had miraculously disappeared and she could take a deep breath without restriction. Days later she called to say the pain was back! When asking what she had done .she admitted that she had to put the corset back on to please her husband. I suggested that she keep it off ..she refused. It seems that her husbands opinion of what constitutes beauty and good health was more important than common sense ! http://ujikjfcp.com [url=http://eqxamgh.com]eqxamgh[/url] [link=http://jxsheqd.com]jxsheqd[/link]

Matthias - a5pDzBOYu
Grazi for
Grazi for mankig it nice and EZ.

Judith - tOQIcL44EK
Gee wieikllrs, that' (11/30/2015)
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Gee wieikllrs, that's such a great post! http://bgokfwvkcra.com [url=http://llpqkpdoau.com]llpqkpdoau[/url] [link=http://rxslcze.com]rxslcze[/link]

Cristian - I8JiNAyD
That's a slick answe (11/27/2015)
That's a slick answer to a chilnengalg question

Andaraman - KDEBcwRfIM1L
ఇద చ ల స న న తమ నద (11/27/2015)
ఇద చ ల స న న తమ నద . స జ త గ ర చ ప ప నట ట తప ప ప ప ల వర వ అన న ప థ ల క క డ సమస య న ఎల పర ష కర చ ల అన న చర చ అవసర . ద న క క డ క ల ఎద ర క ట న న సమస యల క డ ఏమ ట అన న వ షయ గమన చ ల .ర ఘవ గ ర అన నట ట ఈ మధ య క ల ల ఈ సమస య ఎక క వగ ఉ ద . ఇద జ న ర షన గ ప వల ల వచ చ న స డ ఎఫ ఫ క ట . ఓష అన ఆయన ఓ చ ట అ ట డ " This is the first generation in india, which could ofrfod generation gap" అన .

Stafford - OIvf4YMJxt
It's spooky how clev (8/7/2015)
It's spooky how clever some ppl are. Thkasn!

Sailor - N7iXcHC11L