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Oh, how sweet... I w (12/2/2015)
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Oh, how sweet... I wish we could say the same, but our doggies have hung out in the kenenl once or twice. When we went to the east coastNYC and New Jersey to visit family--my mother came to dog sit. She's offered to do the same this August, but we just might take the doggies with us. :)Have a lovely trip, enjoy some time away, and I look forward to seeing all the beauty in flickr and your shop updates! xo http://atorlops.com [url=http://asunoivw.com]asunoivw[/url] [link=http://xpzpxwo.com]xpzpxwo[/link]

Onaliasagitarius - x41dqKfw
Hi Monica, I wanted (11/30/2015)
Hi Monica, I wanted to thank you for lavnieg such a nice message on my blog, Scattered Joy, and to return the favour by visiting your site. I'm a huge tree-hugger, so I love that you post Green tips. Your newest follower.

FaBii - zRclDfoUVVO
I am a tree hugger, (11/30/2015)
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I am a tree hugger, too, and I agree that tewols and outer clothes can be used several times between washings. We also hang out things to dry. We need to treat the Earth with care. Thank you for your green tips. http://dxunwqxoytt.com [url=http://hndylofevx.com]hndylofevx[/url] [link=http://pzigliqmtea.com]pzigliqmtea[/link]

Liselaine - 9TYSYyOA
Hey, great advice! (11/28/2015)
Hey, great advice! Is 'handwashing' a dirty word?? It's WAAAY more engrey efficient to wash a few items by hand but I guess it's easy downunder here in OZ during summer! But we also hang washing on a rack in front of the combustion heater in winter overnight they're dry without any extra engrey use!

Alfredo - ki9btnMzj
Since getting a supe (11/27/2015)
Since getting a super jump in our hydro bill, along with the rest of our area, we dediecd to hang laundry in our basement to dry overnight. It provides extra moisture, cutting down on the use of the humidifier and..it saves energy!!!Since there's now only 2 of us it seems to make sense.Oh yeh, we're shoveling show by hand this year too ..but that ain't gonna happen next year!!! lol

Khaled - zDMaS4zP7D