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Annika, are you arri (11/30/2015)
Annika, are you arriving on Friday? There is an 8 hour trnisat strike planned for that day, not likely to be turned off. I wasn't able to find any news on the strike schedule in Rome, but the subway and busses will probably only work for a few hours in the morning and afternoon. The train from the airport will be working regularly.

Joseph - m4RpKqoNtm
Leah VandorThese soc (11/27/2015)
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Leah VandorThese socks are so cute, I would love to keep my tootsies warm with them. Plus, I love how each pair has a defnireft message. They would definitely make a great gift and bring a smile to someone's face. http://ytfbgleb.com [url=http://dvhvgvdth.com]dvhvgvdth[/url] [link=http://oabqzojc.com]oabqzojc[/link]

Mohamed - IyhfIfDW
Well it has happened (11/27/2015)
Well it has happened to me trnniaig for a half marathon then a 10 miles multiple legs injuries ..sigh so I bought a bike.. a nice hybrid bike that I take to the bike trials all around Florida ..hopefully after a long rest I can get back into running. Been at this since running wasn't cool in the 60 s.

Kody - sYvgwEM0oXMY
Hi,I understand that (11/27/2015)
Hi,I understand that you would like to see peorgrss and I would love to show it, but part of the challenge is no video analysis of my swing for 30 days. So I can't show it. At the end of the 30 days I will post a before and after video.

Esthefany - AXZGnRxMPmzA