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It is good to see so (12/2/2015)
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It is good to see some clear thought and cronecn for the limits of the flow-centric emphasis of most BPM. As with procedural code, the more you try to model a real business, the more complex and tangled the flowchart becomes and, consequently, the more maintenance becomes a technical matter at which even the most skilled become less productive as the logic grows. As this happens, it certainly drifts from a business model to an implementation. We believe the cure involves both an emphasis on decisions (not just from the BRMS side, as advocated by James Taylor, but also from the BPM perspective) and a more knowledge-centric approach. This knowledge centric approach should include decisions, obviously, but also the vocabulary (e.g., SBVR) and ontology (i.e., the model). Until BPM and BRM share vocabularies and models, BPM mayappeal to the business but be largely confined to IT.Parenthetically, I believe that JBOSS, which has both the jBPM platform and JBOSS Rules / Drools, is positioned fairly well to lead the converging markets in this regard. http://uqhadylkyw.com [url=http://fngnxqs.com]fngnxqs[/url] [link=http://ukcvokpai.com]ukcvokpai[/link]

Sasso - Er53xmAF
the business
the business prsoecs context is supported just for jBoss jBPM or other BPM can be used as well?At the moment only jBPM is supported, but if you have a specific BPM you would like supported, feel free to ! We're always looking to add support for new integration points.contexts are replicated across a distributed environment? Meaning a conversation started on a server in a cluster will be having the same context if a next request goes to a different server?Yes, Seam was developed from the ground up to support clustering. Conversation state is maintained in the HTTPSession so data replication will need to be enabled. If you are using EJBs, stateful session bean replication may also need to be enabled. Simply refer to the documentation of your AS to find out the details.

Kewalee - y9D72I27kF
if you check torrent (11/30/2015)
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Victor - v1g6zrB2xhj4
Thanks for the updat (11/28/2015)
Thanks for the update Rob! Sorry we miessd the whole week but things were just crazy. I hope power is back soon so we can all get back to our regular schedules . Adriana and I will be there tomorrow for the 7:45am class. Carlos

Kiyoko - qnu5yO69DI
jee / GD Star Ra (11/27/2015)
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Wendell - rwss2wHE