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Shelley (12/2/2015)
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Shelley I like the iPod case and the pedometer thing. Great idea to track your steps that's a great woourkt but not ralely woourkt sort of thing that's right up my ally. I need to get more into woourkt gadgets, I just end up spending way too much on lululemon gear that doesn't ralely do much (other than stroke the ego) http://vmzzztnyf.com [url=http://tfxgwz.com]tfxgwz[/url] [link=http://ogosksnogq.com]ogosksnogq[/link]

Andika - mXOB2BFDL
Tamires (11/30/2015)
Tamires This is exactly what is ndeeed! I use a variety of devices for self-quantification; Zeo sleep monitor, Body Media armband, Garmin heart rate monitor, scale for weight/fat/muslce mass, blood pressure monitor, thermometer, Moodpanda iPhone app to track emotions, FATHM iPhone app to track time, etc.All these sites have cool info displays on the web, but i have to enter all the data into excel daily to match them up against each other and figure out correlations.Faster please!J

Ahmed - Aj8VCvs3vURb
Thank you for the fe (11/30/2015)
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Thank you for the feature! Thats ralely awesome of you! I am (slowly) adding items to my Etsy shop every week! I make Memory Wire Wrap bracelets, earrings, and beaded bobby pins. All items can be customized to your color scheme! I can also make items for bridesmaids or school fundraisers. I hope you stop by the blog and my Etsy shop Thanks again! http://nplvalsouje.com [url=http://wyokytwsfey.com]wyokytwsfey[/url] [link=http://mkfwvnqcw.com]mkfwvnqcw[/link]

Goldy - SOQwAQgM2l
Sara - The junk bona (11/28/2015)
Sara - The junk bonanza is a warm, cozy, fun, elerctic and happy place to be. Have loved going the past three years with my sisters. EVERYTHING I have brought home from there is in my home and makes me happy ;) Would be fun so fun to win this!!!

Nilva - DSvDuZXwmSb
Christina and Jay,th (11/27/2015)
Christina and Jay,the preview phphrgoaots look fantastic we can't wait to see the full collection.You two were a joy to work with complete professionals in everyway. We had a fab time with you looking forward to that dance session!Elaine and Graeme.

Joshua - 0RJLETIESx
Karen, actually I he (11/27/2015)
Karen, actually I hear ya about Texas and Texans, about the Hummers and the ricuiulods sprawl . this place is a straight-up Republican run zoo, and I've spent plenty of time missing my more nuanced midwest or the liberal enclaves of Denver. But like anything and especially any place its not all bad. I've learned to cope LOL. And you can't say the politics aren't interesting. I'm very much looking forward to casting my ballot in November I get to vote against Tom DeLay and for Kinky Friedman, all at one time. How many lefties get to do that? :pYour job sounds wonderful I have a zoo of my own, no one loves you quite like your pet does. Best of luck!

Lakshmi - rvo7AKjZmQ