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What a mess I made o (12/2/2015)
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Eliza - SW4e9Wsv2XO
Others have pointed (11/30/2015)
Others have pointed out that buellt casting is relatively safe - the big concern is inhaling lead dust, which shows up frequently in buckets of wheel weights as they shift around and abrade each other. You can get molten lead to emit dangerous fumes, but you got to get it over 900F, and the fumes are of the "kill you right now" variety, not the "give you cancer in 20 years" that everybody worries about.As for finding wheel weights - it's getting harder. Major chain places like Sears and Costco dispose of them internally, mostly because of EPA fears. The large independent tire places know the scrap is worth something, and more often than not, have somebody that buys it from them.

Pradeep - Jdb4NNor1jxm
I fell sorry for you (11/28/2015)
I fell sorry for you that you are getting tokeon over with humans. I wouldn't treatyou like others do.You know when you put your email in to get um .. updates onthe book? I put my email in there and I woundered if you were the one emailing the peoplethe updates on the book. I emailed whoever emailes the updates back.

Juantomas - bOnQ3OBxm
DefinitelyI was tryi (11/27/2015)
DefinitelyI was trying to reach a creek on a par 4 erliaer this fall with a driver. Couldnt do it.I finally gave up and just decided to take a slow swing and to hell with distance.Took my shot and when we got down to my ball it was inches from the creek bank.Trying to nail the ball didnt get me distance, it just got me in trouble.Taking a relaxed swing got me the best shot Id made to that point.

Chananchida - w8NFCjAw