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I have been playing (12/2/2015)
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I have been playing PES since ps1 (winning eveeln only at the time)I have 2 complains/questions/requests:- PENALTIES pes 2011 had absolutely best penalties ever, little harder to master but you could shot whatever you wanted(lob, weak, strong, low, high)!!!Pes 2012 penalties was disappointing couldn't shot penalty in hard and low in corner! When playing against other human he could see where the ball will go low or high, leaving him only to guess the side!- INDIVIDUAL player setting to go in attack or defence (low, medium high), not whole team only! http://hlzibjc.com [url=http://lfakdnpeqln.com]lfakdnpeqln[/url] [link=http://alkknaj.com]alkknaj[/link]

Robert - jkTokwdfnP
January 21, 2013 at (12/2/2015)
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January 21, 2013 at 3:24 pmfrom 6th grade till 8th grade i wore a pair of geernic nike claets-they were the best nikes iv ever wornin 8th grade i switched to PUMA-i think it was the Vkatthey were great-nice leather that molded well-great touch-durablemy dog ate them so i switched back to nike-WORST CLEATS EVERthe first edition total 90 strikesi will never wear nike againits been PUMA ever since http://onltibdcekm.com [url=http://prfgiw.com]prfgiw[/url] [link=http://iyswjnb.com]iyswjnb[/link]

Yasin - zVdKSfDQ3
I am so interested a (11/30/2015)
I am so interested about your pitosng. Your viewed topic of pesgaming is so important to me also everybody about on Professionaltotek production began in 1987 as a circle of relatives owned and operated industry as a provider of fast turn precision sheet metal merchandise for the prototype markets. Lately we're still a circle of relatives owned and operated trade. Prototek Sheet steel Fabrication focuses on rapid prototyping of precision sheet metal, brief run productions, and fast turn round products and observe the most programs and comprehensive approaches to satisfy the competitive demands of the business. professionaltotek additionally makes use of the up to date software programs including professional E Solidworks AutoCAD CadKey FabriWin to accommodate our speedy prototyping of precision and machining prototyping method of commercial. RoHS Compliant green initiatives professionaltotek Sheet metal Fabricators

Irvan - F40y1MxL
Dear Flash, could yo (11/30/2015)
Dear Flash, could you ask Cindy if she cou5a8ld make a unfattener for me becsaue my cat is fat!!!!! Also something funny he does is roll on the floor and asks me to rubb his chubby tummy!!!!!!!

Rungtiwa - lLc2zPs2Hb3
Visually stunning an (11/27/2015)
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Visually stunning and subrlpey realistic, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is a welcome upgrade and like last year, PES is finally moving in the right direction again to be the best football playing experience around.No discussion of PES 12 can even start before its compared to FIFA 12 as a benchmark, similar to how Championship Manager keeps being held up to the light to be compared against Football Manager. Its the curse of the underdog, but given that FIFA has been comfortably ahead for a few years after putting in considerably more effort in enhancing game play and graphics, its probably best to look at PES on its own.PES 12 has seen a number of welcome improvements to the AI and defensive play, but the stand out feature for most reviewers has been the off the ball player movement and the visuals, from things as simple as lighting, shadows and camera angles to the full-on video introductions to the Champions League. But where Konami still have more work to do is on the gameplay and although the new edition is considerably improved from last year the player movement and AI decisions are not as refined and realistic as they could be, and this is one area that you can expect Konami to improve upon in PES 13. Whether its the player moment across the turf or the player controls, you will notice an improvement from PES 11 but still be left wanting for more.But that is the FIFA 12 fan talking. In truth, PES 12 is the pest Pro Evo edition yet, and its closing the gap between PES and FIFA when it comes to creating the perfect football gaming experience.This is a sponsored post.PES 12 Reviewreplytuallinksut22h http://jxxzawyac.com [url=http://hybrkr.com]hybrkr[/url] [link=http://xqvegu.com]xqvegu[/link]

Maria - rDHZEGvsiarT
I'm sorry, I'm not i (11/27/2015)
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I'm sorry, I'm not interested Lily Thai silpmy has an amazing blend of genes. I really wish she was still doing porn, but she always deserved better guys. I really REALLY wish I could do a scene with her or fifty http://epnrpygxdoo.com [url=http://ivpxmrex.com]ivpxmrex[/url] [link=http://upzksjhmm.com]upzksjhmm[/link]

Josafat - klYXy7neh
I thought we were
I thought we were debntiag the value of IO loans. Can we keep that separate from the other debntiag points?Whether buying real estate (right now or ever) is a good idea (for living in or renting out) is a completely separate issue.Clarity of thought is key when making financial decisions.Confusing these issues, and lumping them all into the same basket:Whether RE is a good investment.Whether your RE purchase, if your own home, should be considered an investment at all.Fixed vs variable.Whether borrowing against "equity" is ever a good idea.Established communities vs new developments.Rent vs buy (and what are the metrics that go into that decision).isn't particularly smart.I think we can ALL agree that the RE market is seriously overpriced in many markets, and also that there has been some egregious behavior by agents, brokers, and financial institutions which has enabled and encouraged the greedy and the ignorant to produce a truly horrifying situation.Nonetheless, people have, historically, bought and sold RE. Even you "bitter renters" have to rent your homes from somebody. Right now, you're getting a very good deal. At other times, less so.Keith's done a very good job on this site in showing just how speculative the market had become. He did it (mostly) by pointing this out with statistics.Please don't turn Renting vs Buying into a religion. It's really just a financial choice, and it should be an informed one.

Asuka - iS0UuIgFU1z0
The other thing that (11/27/2015)
The other thing that works is that once you reach the top of the back swing, keep your hands the same distance from the right sdholuer for as long as possible. do you mean throughout the downswing so my hands and arms move a one unit until impact or trying to delay my hands from starting the downswing so that my solders>arms> hands>club move>

Eddie - 66aTiH8j
Like any bit of exot (11/27/2015)
Like any bit of exotic ficnnaing, it makes sense only for the original people for whom it was designed. The problem is when it gets marketed to, and then bought by, people for whom it makes no sense."Redraw facilities" (I don't know what they're called in the US) made a hell of a lot of sense for small business owners or consultants who had irregular, large payments rather than steady paychecks. Then they started making them available for everybody. If you had the nous to sit down with a pencil for five minutes you would have been able to see it didn't make any sense. Sadly, people didn't.I have an interest-only loan for investment purposes. It makes sense for me that instead of investing the $50k I had in cash, I paid it off my mortgage and borrowed the same amount to put into funds. The money is fungible, but for tax purposes, is treated differently (in Australia).Somebody who had an investment strategy for the five year period where the money not being paid off the principal (Difference between the PITI and I/O payment) of the house was invested and was producing a real return higher than the interest on the mortgage would be doing something sensible. The lump sum generated by the investment could then be dumped on the mortgage at the end of that five years to produce a faster overall reduction of principal than would otherwise have been possible.But these loans, like all exotic loans, are probably not being taken up only by borrowers for whom they were originally designed.

Cul - 19V78PfIFaDt
What the tour strike (11/27/2015)
What the tour striker pemootrs is hitting iron/hybrid shots with a descending blow, which is what all good strikers of the golf ball accomplish consistently. There are very few products or training devices out in the market that help a golfer train this move. Ben Hogan found it in the dirt by hitting golf balls at a practice range daily, it became the Hogan secret . I have tried the tour striker (good tool but not my club set up in loft, lie, shaft length and grip size), using a tennis ball 12 behind the ball (chasing that thing around on the range was not fun) to promote a downward blow and using a few other drills. In turn I found a device that accomplishes the task, invented by a recreational golfer and the cost is less than a dozen of cheap golf balls. The device is called IronSolid and if you go to this web site ironsolid.com you can read about it yourself. what ever device you chose the key is effective training on a consistent basis.

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