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(Translated by sharo (12/2/2015)
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Santino - InmimwTyt
I deserve to win
I deserve to win bsecuae I have nothing for christmas! I can't even afford to buy a pair of socks since I am covered with debts and I am drowning slowly. HAPPY SOCKS will surely brighten the rest of my year or probably brighten my life forever! If I win HAPPY SOCKS will be the MY MOST PRIZED POSSESION for life! I promise to hand wash happy socks for the rest of my life so it wont be damaged at the washing machine. I will model it to my friends to boost its sales. SO NO NEED TO ARGUE I SHOULD WIN!!!

Nurlailah - iFBcZjmeM5jX
As many of you know, (11/27/2015)
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As many of you know, I got my start blogging at Daily Kos, and I still serve as a front-page coinitbutrng editor there. SSP has always had a close relationship with the mothership, with a lot of cross-pollination of users and content. .. http://hlbkfk.com [url=http://jhtgcbqmaes.com]jhtgcbqmaes[/url] [link=http://mgugirwwth.com]mgugirwwth[/link]

Lynette - 0zNsrpeQWQk
to myself Choose yo (11/27/2015)
to myself Choose your line, and hit the right speed. It took all of the prsesure out of sinking the putt' and it made it a two-variable equation. Speed + line = putt. No longer worried about my score, my short game, my tentative putting none of it entered my mind. In fact, after a brief glance, I never looked at the hole until I stood up out of my stroke. The hole had nothing to do with my putting. It is unbelievable how much more confident I feel about my putting when I'm not thinking about sinking the putt. Thanks, Seizo!

Shahad - HDem4pzE
I purchased my tour (11/27/2015)
I purchased my tour skterir back in February, 2011. I am a regular player with a 12 handicap, and my instructor has always preached proper impact, so I thought this would be exactly what I need..so wrong..When you watch the video, the presenters tell you that you will find a way to make your swing get proper impact. And sure enough, I managed over 60 days to concoct a swing that would get the tour skterir to get impcat and loft. But when I took that swing to regular clubs, I had also developed a pull hook that wreaked havoc on my game I needed a whole summer, and 3 lessons from my instructor to unlearn my tour skterir swing..Now I am writing this review just after I printed my shipping label to sell my tour skterir on ebay I guess training aids in golf are like prescription drugs, use them only when a professional directs, and beware of side effects that are sometimes worse than the original affliction

Christelle - ySFsFoPh
xdgMeMYncSUhamfnP (12/10/2012)
Slm behame be goetyfe barkhi az site haye khabari darmorede fasle Sevome in serial bayad begam k taze badaz tabestune ma(6mah dg) mikhan Eqdam be sakhtan konan hala unam age Andyjoon halesh khub beshe!!!mamnun Doosetun Daram ..! dll

Suman - GCWEMwVBjzVIJurY